My philosophy on cuisine is the same as the one I have carried with me throughout my career. keep it simple but elegant, challenge yourself to be creative, invest time to source local produce, be aware of the carbon footprint and be sure to leave a legacy through your passion for cuisine.
Two years at catering college and a successful appointment at the prestigious Cheltenham Ladies College proved invaluable for what was to become the defining moment for a young man from the Cotswold town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.

Aaron embarked on a trip to Europe to undertake an apprenticeship with a classically trained Master Patisserie and restaurateur Phillippe Gueller. It was the start of a romantic obsession and a developing passion for the fine art of Haute Cuisine. For almost a decade Aaron’s insatiable appetite for all things food led him to working in some of Europe’s leading hotels and restaurants in the Rhone alps and the Alsace region of France.

Aaron has successfully owned and operated the Harbour Fish & Grill restaurant in Newquay for seven years, taking the menus and service from strength to strength. Situated in a prime location above the harbour, the Fish & Grill is a restaurant with unrivalled sea views. Of course, this makes it the ideal location for freshly sourced local produce from the neighbouring Atlantic ocean.

Aaron’s passion for the hospitality extends far beyond the kitchen. His accomplishments over time include television and radio appearances as well as receiving various gastronomic awards and accolades for his culinary expertise.

When Aaron is  not running his restaurant in Newquay, he prides in taking his culinary knowledge out to the community. Besides taking part in local events, such as headlining the Cornwall fish festival, his interest in local charity events have recently seen him involved in helping to raise funds for the RNLI, supporting Lord Ian Botham with his Beefy’s Foundation in addition to many awards of support to charities and organisations in the local area.